Not fade away….

January was tough.

And I had to make the decision to keep on losing weight.

I decided to go with the good habits I started with and concentrate on the positive.

1} concentrate on walking after work…not worry about distance just get outside 45 minutes after work and walk. (I have walked 4 times after work in the last 5 days- 6.5 miles total)

2) no sugary foods…(4 days and counting)

I have been eating moderately– I feel I am back on track !!! February has mostly been good. The most important part about this is to keep going…..

A very good week.. weigh in is later today !!!

No sugar….walking sessions for 4 days after work…which has lead to 10,000 steps as marked by my new Fitbit. Plus good eating in general. Grilled chicken or fish plus vegies for lunch and a moderate dinner. Breakfast has included some whole grains either toast or oatmeal (if I had my druthers it would just be fruit)..but what are you gonna do? I have also tracked every day.

December was the worst month…. December was the best month

I finished December at 219.4. lbs. I started this process around June 10th and my weight was a little over 244 lbs. So I have lost about 25 lbs in a touch under 6 moths. In December I lost a little less then 1.5 lbs. On one hand that was lower then average. On the other hand December offered a ton of challenges..2 office parties, Christmas and Christmas Eve parties with my family plus a modest New Years celebration. On top of that my office had treats everywhere. I resisted a fair amount of the free treats (although I was not perfect). And I tracked almost every day on the weight watcher app. I am looking forward to the rest of January which is as near as I can tell a party free zone…And I am off to a good start so far 6 days into the new year…

Tracking 12/30/18

Tracking 12/30/18
Miles walked this week so far: 6
Miles Walked Today: 1
Days without sugary foods: 3
Weight Loss in about 5 months: 22.4 pounds. Weight 221.6
Breakfast: A banana and some apple. Lunch: Shrimp with brown rice. A salad of mixed greens, cucumber, corn and beets with a olive and oil dressing. A snack a banana and a piece of low fat cheese. Dinner: A salad of mixed greens, cucumber, grilled chicken and turkey bacon with an oil and vinegar. A slice of rye bread with whipped butter. 2 shots of apple cider vinegar.

Working hard to close out the year strong…a couple of setbacks.. persist .. persist

Working hard to close out the year strong….Christmas and Christmas Eve were big meals but I am happy that the day after Christmas I returned (mostly) back to the good practices, I have established in the last 6 months.  However, the December holiday season just seems to offer so many opportunities to fail. On Thursday I went to a vegan donut shop with my wife and my son.. not sure if I should commend myself or criticize myself as I had half a donut. (Is the donut half full or half empty)  Yesterday, I stumbled a bit at lunch and I had a Dunkin Donuts bagel. (It could have been worse I could have had another donut)..The good news though is that both of these days I ate healthy otherwise and I got in my nightly walk.