I watched the Giant game at a bar no beer & a reasonable lunch !!!

Just a Selzer but no beer…& the Giants won a win / win !!!

Tracking: 9 23 18
Days without sugar foods: 9
Miles walked this week:3.25
Miles walked today: 3.25
Pounds lost in over 3.5 months: 19.5
Weight at last in weigh in: 224.5
Breakfast: An ice coffee. Lunch: a fried sushi roll with fish inside (I did not know it was fried when I ordered it… a mistake,) a salad with mixed greens, avocado and vinegar and oil. A very small portion of raw salmon and a small portion of rice. Dinner: A whole wheat English muffin with some vegan butter. A salad of mixed greens, 2 small pieces of cheese, 2 figs, with oil and vinegar and hummus. And 2 small pieces of low fat cheese. A small portion of hummus with 2 wheat crackers. Snack: An apple, 1 shot of apple cider vinegar.

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