Onward and upwards !!!!!

Tracking 12/14/18
Miles walked this week so far: 13
Miles Walked Today: 2.5

Days without sugary foods: 3
Weight Loss in about 5 months: 22.4 pounds. Weight 221.6
Breakfast: A banana and some apple, 2 table spoons of oatmeal. Lunch: Shrimp, A salad of mixed greens, cucumber, corn and beets with a spicy Thai dressing. A snack a banana and a mango Dinner: A salad of mixed greens, cucumber, broccoli and mushrooms with an oil and vinegar. A tofu scramble with onions and peppers. 3.5 pieces of low fat cheese. A slice of rye bread with whipped vegan butter. 2 shots of apple cider vinegar.

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