days without sugar foods 8 – Miles walked last week 3.5, miles walked yesterday 1

Getting back on track after a very challenging 6 six weeks or so, about 3 weeks ago my foot started to swell from tendonitis there was not much I could do except stay off it as much as possible which meant no walking just as the weather got perfect for walking. The other challenge was my spring allergies peaked in the middle of May, for 7 days as they always do for a short period of time in late Spring . It may be in my head but for whatever reason during this time I feel dairy and fruit make the allergies worse. So I avoid these 2 types of food. Skipping out on dairy is fine and I usually feel like I loose a little weight in the late Spring from avoiding dairy. But fruit is kind of my go to healthy snack that I know I will not eat too much of. The weight loss seems to have stopped. However, in the last 8 days I have been strict about not eating sugary foods. And I made time for walking – 4 times in the last 8 days. I have also have arranged for small snacks such as hummus and cucumber or an English Muffin, this is not perfect but it is better then chips or something sugary. The result is that I feel like the weight loss is starting to happen again. I will try to keep these good habits up and probably weigh myself in a couple of weeks.

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