3 excellent Podcasts to listen to while walking

Here is what I have been listening to recently while I go for my walks…

Logical Weight Loss Podcast on Apple Podcasts (And other platforms I listen to my Podcasts on the Pocket Casts App on my LG Android phone)

I like this one because it is given by a guy (Dave Jackson) who has had his ups and downs while working to lose weight.. He also just knows how to be entertaining and informative as he discusses his own efforts to lose weight and reviews various new apps, weight lose fads and products.

Inside Star Wars – Wondery https://wondery.com/shows/inside-star-wars/

The back story of the making Star Wars and George Lucas’s 5 year and change quest to make Star Wars. I found this Podcast to be pretty interesting.

The Chernobyl Podcast on Apple Podcasts

A riveting account of the Chernobyl  disaster. Along the way you get a really good look into the USSR during its last years. This Podcast tells a tragic but at times inspiring story. This series is meant to go along with the HBO mini series but I really liked listening to it and I have not seen the miniseries yet.

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