My food tracking and other notes for July 15, 2018

Days without sugar: 12
Miles walked today: 0
Miles walked so far this this week: 0
Breakfast: Cherries
Lunch: 2 eggs and some Salmon
Snack: A banana
Dinner: Whole wheat pasta, a large salad made up of tomatoes, lettuce and kale with a dressing of olive oil, some vinegar and a table spoon of hummus
I also had 4 shot of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Cups of coffee today: 3 (all with no sugar and a little milk)
Grade for today: C minus I had too many portions of the whole wheat pasta. Pasta even whole wheat pasta is just too much of a trigger food for me. And I will have to avoid making it. It could of been worse but I had about 4 shots of apple cider vinegar to keep it from getting even worse.  No walking session today which is also disappointing.

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