My tracking & other notes for July 24, 2018

My tracking & other notes for July 24, 2018
Days without sugary foods: 21
Miles walked today: 1.5
Miles walked so far this this week: 6.5
Breakfast: cherries
Lunch: Grilled Turkey, Sprouts with Annie’s Goddess Dressing, lettuce with peppers, mushrooms and oil and vinegar dressing.
Snack: A banana
Dinner: A whole wheat English muffin with whipped vegan butter, a salad of tomatoes, lettuce with Annie’s Goddess Dressing . A tofu scramble with naturally low sugar ketchup. 1 piece of cheese. A small portion of rice and lentils
After dinner snack: 2 pieces of low fat cheese and an apple and 2 pickles
Cups of coffee today: 3 (all with no sugar and a little milk) Apple cider vinegar: 1 shot
Grade for today: A: I pretty much followed the plan.

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