My tracking & other notes for July 27, 2018

My tracking & other notes for July 27, 2018
Days without sugary foods: 23
Miles walked today: 1.5
Miles walked so far this this week: 13.5
Breakfast: A banana
Lunch: Salad with lettuce and kale and a mix of low fat and regular cheese with a dressing of oil and vinegar dressing.
Dinner: Corn on the cob, 3/4 of a whole wheat bagel with whipped vegan butter, a salad of tomatoes and onions with oil and vinegar, a veggie hot dog with no bun and melted cheese. A piece of cheese.

After dinner snack: 3 pieces of low fat cheese, a little corn and some peanuts

Cups of coffee today: 4 (all with no sugar and a little milk) Apple cider vinegar: 1 shot
Grade for today: B plus- I ate a little more then usual today but basically held it together. I had my weekly weigh in and I  am down 2.6 pounds for the week and a bit over 12.5 pounds since I started around 7 weeks ago.

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