The latter part of Monday was pretty brutal tracking 9 24 18

Tracking: 9 24 18
Days without sugar foods: 10 (Double digits reached !!!!)
Miles walked this week: 3.25
Miles walked today:0
Pounds lost in over 3.5 months: 19.5
Weight at last in weigh in: 224.5
Breakfast: A small piece of low fat cheese & a peach. Lunch: 2 fried chicken cutlets inside (2nd day having fried food with lunch… a mistake,) on a salad with mixed greens, asparagus, tomatoes and vinegar and oil. Sprouts with Annie’s Goddess Dressing. Snack: 2 slices of pizza, 2 pieces of cheese. Dinner: a good-sized portion of lasagna. Snack: an apple with peanut butter, two pieces of cheese.

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