Tracking: 10 1 18 Someone told me there would be cake.. but none for me.. also a poem

Tracking 10 1 18

I will start with a poem…

For my wonderful boss’s birthday there was a cake
But no sugar for me so I did not partake
I did not get upset nor mope
Instead I had some cantaloupe

Days without sugary foods: 17
Miles walked this week: 5
Miles walked today: 2
Pounds lost in over 3 months: 19
Weight at last in weigh in: 225
Breakfast: – Lunch: beef and chicken, a salad of mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms, with oil and vinegar. Snack: Grapes and cantaloupe. Dinner: 3 pieces of fresh corn, some vegan butter, a salad of mixed greens, 1 piece of cheese, hot peppers, olives, with oil and vinegar and hummus. 8 wheat crackers And 2 small pieces of low fat cheese. 2 shots of apple cider vinegar.

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