December was the worst month…. December was the best month

I finished December at 219.4. lbs. I started this process around June 10th and my weight was a little over 244 lbs. So I have lost about 25 lbs in a touch under 6 moths. In December I lost a little less then 1.5 lbs. On one hand that was lower then average. On the other hand December offered a ton of challenges..2 office parties, Christmas and Christmas Eve parties with my family plus a modest New Years celebration. On top of that my office had treats everywhere. I resisted a fair amount of the free treats (although I was not perfect). And I tracked almost every day on the weight watcher app. I am looking forward to the rest of January which is as near as I can tell a party free zone…And I am off to a good start so far 6 days into the new year…

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