God…. I hope I am down even a little this week when I weigh myself on Sat AM..Tracking 9 6 18…

Tracking 9 6 18…

Days with out sugary foods: 9
Miles walked Today:1.5
Miles walked this week: 11.75
Weight loss in about 10 weeks: 16 lbs
Current weight: 228 lbs
Breakfast: Watermelon and 2 figs. Lunch: broccoli with oil and vinegar. A portion of roasted chicken Afternoon snack: Watermelon and cantaloupe and 2 pieces of low fat cheese. Dinner: Whole Wheat bagel with vegan butter, 2 pieces of low fat cheese, a salad with mixed greens, cucumbers, peppers with hummus and oil and vingar. 4 olives and a pickle. And 2 figs.

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