The never ending struggle with #binge eating at night…my thoughts

This is a never ending war for me. I think I have it beat then it comes back -always at night. I have had more success by doing 3 things.

Having a small snack around 930 pm, usually a whole wheat English muffin and a piece of fruit (I know this goes against the advice of not eating after 9 pm…but that advice just leads to more binging at night for me.)

The 2nd thing that helps is shots of apple cider vinegar (I found Bragg the brand to work the best) with a little water, one at about 8 pm and another about 10 pm. And a third if I feel like I am about to binge. For what ever reason the apple cider vinegar kills my hunger.

And finally my nightly walk after diner has helps. (I think it is because it gives me less time to eat)

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